2 Characters – Twice The Fun!

Weird question…. Have you ever had so much fun you didn’t know what to do with yourself?  Well…. I happen to be in that same situation right now!

John Loves Mary Update

We have officially reached the half way point in the rehearsal process of John Loves Mary.  Since we’re a little less than 3 weeks from opening night (July 28th), it’s time to start focusing on character development.

One of the things I LOVE most about acting & live theatre is how every role presents its own set of uniquely fun challenges. This show is no different.  In this case it’s the fact I was cast into two very different roles…

[stextbox id=”info”]

  • An Irish elevator operator
  • An American Red Cross officer[/stextbox]

In the past… the best acting compliments I have ever received was from close friends who didn’t recognize me while on stage.

Now I’m faced with that same challenge… twice! I’ll have to reach deep down into my bag of tricks to pull this off!  This “bag” gets bigger with every show… now let the fun begin!!

Here’s a picture from my last show… how do you think I did?  Do you recognize me? 😊

Take Me Out Picture


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