A Week Of Magic

John Loves Mary PictureAfter 5 weeks we are FINALLY there… the homestretch… In the words of the 1980s Swedish rock band Europe…

It’s the final countdown

The final week of John Loves Mary rehearsals have begun.  There’s only a few days left before we open this Friday 7/28! This week is better known as “Tech Week”… or “Hell Week” in the acting community.

Tech Week”… because all technical aspects of the show are added… most notably lighting/sound cues are added & set changes are rehearsed.

Hell Week”… because for the actors, director & stage manage it’s a week of late night rehearsals… waiting for technical issues to be resolved… and… of course wardrobe malfunctions (of varying degrees)!

Magic Week

Although it’s a LOT of work… it’s also the week during the rehearsal process I LOVE the most…. Because of 1 simple reason… it’s the week the magic happens!  The show suddenly comes alive… in a way that was unimaginable 5 short weeks ago when this all began.

While most call it “Tech Week”… and…  others call it “Hell Week”… I call this week “Magic Week”…

Welcome to the magic & wonder of live theatre!


Let The Countdown Begin…

The below video doesn’t have anything to do with John Loves Mary… but the title is strangely fitting…  and besides… I grew up in the 80s & kinda like the song

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