By far my biggest fan in the world is my 9 year old daughter, Abbi. Her creativity, sense of wonder & unconditional love has been a consistent source of inspiration. Over the years I have involved her in several artistic projects. Music should be a family activity after all! She loves learning about songwriting/music & I love spending quality time with my child. In fact a few years ago we actually co-wrote a song together called “Little Abigail”.

Our morning routine (during weekend visits) was a hot cup of coffee while I strummed my guitar & watched her play. One day she got up and started to dance & sing. I began singing the line:

Little Abigail is such a sight to see. She loves to sing & dance just like me

Over the next several hours I kept watching the creative impulses of my little girl. Eventually a new song was born!

Fast forward a few years…. The other day while testing the functionally of a new video recorder I happened to capture another magical moment. The goal was to test sound quality with the internal mic & the built in monitor. After setting up the camera I started playing… the rest was the pure impulses of a 9 year old.

You can see the video below:

Please forgive the “roughness” of the video. This was intended to be a just a test. However the moment was too precious not to share. Enjoy!

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