Desperately Seeking Songs Samples from Melanie Dekker

For today’s Tim’s Show & Tell post I’m very please to introduce Melanie Dekker.

Melanie Dekker Distant StarThe story: It was June 2012. At the time I was living in Seattle WA however on this particular Sunday afternoon I was in the middle of a day trip to Port Townsend WA. On the way home we passed the Port Townsend Brewery and being a sucker for small independent breweries we decided to stop & check it out. We were surprised to learn on that day they happened to be featuring live music in there outdoor beer garden. As we sat down Melanie was just starting her set. I remember it being a perfect afternoon… gorgeous weather, good beer, great company and live original music. What more could I possibility ask for? After an hour we finished our beers & decided to head for home.

Fast forward 5 months… I’m cleaning off my desk & come across Melanie’s card that I happened to pick up at the brewery in Port Townsend. Thinking back to that summer day I remembered 1 song in particular she played I really liked… well sort of! I couldn’t quite remember the name of it. A quick visit to Melanie’s website proved inconclusive. None of the song clips listed were it. Out of desperation I sent her a quick email explaining my dilemma. To my pleasant surprise I receive a response within 30 minutes!! After several email exchanges back & forth we finally figured it out…. “Stare at The Rain”.

After asking where I could purchase a download of the song, she simply just sent me 2 copies (studio & live) then thanked me for my support.

This is one of the many reason I love supporting independent artist. There’s nothing that compares to a 1 on 1 conversation & simple “thank you”. I urge everyone to check out Melanie Dekker’s music via the link below:

– Tim Brandt

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