Father’s Day 2016: Asking For The Impossible Dream

Today’s the big day… Father’s day… Today is the one day I can ask Abbi for anything I want… Anything!!

The tables are finally turned… Instead of all those insatiable demands made on me by a 10 year old…who happens to be who’s 100% convinced of a little known piece of trivia…. That money does in fact grow on trees!

Today it’s my turn to make demands on Abbi! But… what to ask for? The possibilities are endless.

Last Monday Abbi came up to me & asked the simple question:

“Daddy, what do you want for Father’s Day?”

This was the moment of truth. So many possibilities… the pressure was on…

Still recovering from the shock & horror of the Orlando shootings that took place less than 24 hours previously, I asked for the first thing that came to mind…

World Peace

Abbi calmly looked at me & replied, “But daddy that’s impossible”

We have finally gotten down to the heart of the problem.

Quoting the master Yoda… yes I’m going to quote Star Wars… Don’t judge… stay with me… there’s larger point…. I promise!

 [stextbox id=”alert”]Luke: I don’t believe it.
Yoda: That is why you fail.[/stextbox]


Yes… it’s a little silly, but there’s a thread of truth in the above exchange.

We as a society believe it’s an impossible dream… we wish for it… we get angry when it doesn’t happen…. But in the end we accept it as the way it is. It’s our world… it’s the same story of struggle humanity has endured since time began. It’s our reality.

But… change starts once we believe….once we know beyond doubt it can change… it WILL change.

Not only do I believe it can change… I KNOW it can change. So I ask for it…. I continue to ask for it every day. If enough people keep asking, things will change.

So this Father’s Day (or any other day for that matter) ask your children… ask your parents… ask your siblings… ask your neighbor…. ask your coworkers… ask anybody who will listen…

Ask for peace

World Piece

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