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“Tim Brandt… Creatively, Witty & Artistically Sweet…”

And now you can download his exclusive digital bundle for FREE!

Here’s what others are saying about Tim Brandt!
“Had a ball listening to these witty tunes… A brilliant collection of musical racounteurisms!!” – Mike White Presents

“I love Tim Brandt’s music. It takes me that magical place I love!” – Ruth Brown

“Tim is an engaging and warm personality, his music is humorous, witty, and leaves the listener a bit tingly inside.” – Rebekah Ann Curtis

Born in Lebanon PA, in the heart of Amish country, Tim Brandt is a singer, songwriter, actor, father, dreamer… and a diehard Philly sports fan! During a 15-year stint in Seattle, Tim honed his songwriting craft & developed his love of performing.

Tim mixes a diverse array of captivating acoustic-pop and expressive folk-rock over storytelling lyrics. With the foundation of his songwriting style rooted in acoustic guitar, his folk-americana sound can be compared to that of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and the Lumineers.

Influenced by simple melodies and memorable hooks, while delivering the idea that beauty can be found in simplicity, he draws off of artists like John Denver, the Beatles and Bruce Springsteen for inspiration. On the other side of the coin, Tim was fascinated by the musical complexity and theatrical presentation of early Genesis with their progressive rock sound, use of costumes, simple props and becoming a character.

For a limited time, Tim is giving away a FREE digital bundle including…

  • His entire album “My Inner Child”… 10 full length songs… including the bonus track “Philadelphia
  • Indie short film “Coffee”… inspired by the works of Alfred Hitchcock & staring Tim!

Simply text “music” to 62687 & receive the link to the free goodies right to your phone. Simply download & enjoy

So… text “music” to 62687…. load up your iPod, and hit the road. Because as Ruth Brown mentioned in regards to Tim’s music, “It takes me that magical place I love!

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