“Tim Brandt… Creatively, Witty & Artistically Sweet…”

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headshot [stextbox id=”info”]“Had a ball listening to these witty tunes… A brilliant collection of musical racounteurisms!!” – Mike White Presents[/stextbox]
 [stextbox id=”warning”]“I love Tim Brandt’s music. It takes me that magical place I love!” – Ruth Brown[/stextbox]
 [stextbox id=”download”]”Tim is an engaging and warm personality, his music is humorous, witty, and leaves the listener a bit tingly inside.” – Rebekah Ann Curtis[/stextbox]

Who is Tim?


Tim Brandt is an actor, songwriter & father… who uses the power of Karma to…

[stextbox id=”stb_style_835874″ image=”null”]- Help indie musicians, artists, writers, etc. expand their fanbase
– Make music, art, theatre, etc. available to everyone[/stextbox]

To learn more about Tim’s mission….




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[stextbox id=”stb_style_835874″ image=”null”]1)  My Inner Child:  Tim’s debut album, including the bonus track “Philadelphia
2)  Coffee: Indie short film… inspired by the works of Alfred Hitchcock & staring Tim![/stextbox]


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