Gang Green: The 1991 Eagles Defense

Who remembers the 1991 Eagles Defense? I was a junior in collage & remember the “House of Pain” Monday Night Football game against the Houston Oilers well! Without a doubt the ’91 Eagles had one of the greatest defenses in NFL history. If it wasn’t for Randall Cunningham’s season ending ACL injury in week 1 we would have made a serious Super Bowl run. Led by the likes of Jerome Brown, Seth Joyner & Reggie White they ranked #1 against the run and the pass. The tragic death of Jerome Brown in June of the following year ultimately signaled the beginning of the end. It would be another 10 years, the drafting of Brian Dawkins & arrival of Jim Johnson as defensive coordinator until the Eagles would become a defensive force once more.

Below is a video highlighting the great 1991 Eagles defense

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