Gratitude Challenge: Day 1

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A Day At The Beach

Yesterday I was nominated for the Gratitude Challenge by my good friend Adam. The objective… for 7 days straight write down 3 things you’re grateful for & post them to Facebook. Being a huge believer in the power of positive thought I really had no choice but to gratefully accept (pun intended). In addition to posting to Facebook I’ll also be posting here, this makes for excellent blog content after all! Since this is day 1 I’ll start with the big 3:

1)  My Daughter: I’m grateful for the unconditional love of my daughter.  The words “I love you daddy” have always been music to my ears.   She has inspired me in ways I can’t begin to articulate in words.

2)  My Health: Every time I come across an individual who is handicapped or elderly I’m reminded how lucky I truly am.  The simple pleasure of using ones 5 senses should never be taken for granted.

3) My Family: I’m thankful that I grew up in a relatively “normal” family.  I use the word “normal” because I’ve learned over the years that “normal” is extremely subjective. However I have zero doubt that if (God forbid) something catastrophic happened; my family would be there for me.

– Tim Brandt

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