Gratitude Challenge: Day 2

Below day #2 of my Gratitude Challenge

405346_671475450828_805984799_n1) Acting: I’m thankful for discovering acting, although it was a bit later in life… better late than never! Many people I talk to believe acting is about emoting “feelings” or being the center of attention. However that couldn’t be further from the truth. For me acting is about connecting… either to a scene partner, situation or circumstance. Personally I believe artists (or anyone for that matter) of any persuasion simply are looking for ways to connect. If we could all stop for a moment & really consider the other side of the story this world would be a much different place indeed. Acting has given a health way of connecting to & accepting those who are different then myself.

2) Genesis (music group): My first musical love & in many ways (although I didn’t understand it as a teenager) laid the foundation to my involvement in acting. I’m thankful to Steve & Pat for our all night college Genesis listening sessions!

3) Lastly for today… Pete for teaching me how to play the guitar so many years ago. My world has NOT been the same since. Thank you!!!!

– Tim Brandt

Creatively Witty & Artistically Sweet

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