Gratitude Challenge: Day 3

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Day # 3 of my Gratitude Challenge!

Seattle Space Needle

1. Seattle: This may be a little broad, however I’ve been all over the country and (in my opinion) nothing compares to the beauty of Seattle in the summer… snowcapped mountains, water & an occasional bald eagle flying over head. What’s there not to like? I’m thankful I was a able to spend 17 years of my life surrounded by such splendor.

2. I’m thankful to Ruhama for hiring me at AT&T, even though at the time I had zero web content experience. Little did I know I would be with AT&T for 3 years! I learned lot from Ruhama both professionally as well as personally.

3. The Philadelphia Eagles and to lesser extent Flyers. While on the outside it may seem frivolous being thankful to a sports team, my side of the story is it offers a relatively healthy escape. We all need our “happy place” where we leave behind the burdens of day to day existence. For some it’s a good book, others a long walk… for me it’s the Eagles. For 3 hours a week the phone get’s put away, no texting, no calls (unless there’s an emergency of course). Win or lose its 180 minutes of bliss!

– Tim Brandt

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