Gratitude Challenge: Day 5

Day #5 of my Gratitude Challenge!

New Horizons

1) Coffee: I have never been a morning person. This is in part because I’ve suffered from mild forms of insomnia my entire life. A hot cup or 2 of black coffee has been a morning ritual for as long as I can remember. However it’s not all about the caffeine, I also love the smell. For me the smell of fresh coffee brewing first thing in the morning is indentified with hope, possibility & new horizons. Every day is a fresh start to do something wonderful, learn or simply enjoy the gift of life.

2) Northwest Actors Studio (NWAS): Sadly my acting alma mater is no longer in existence. However those 2 years changed my life… as an actor as well as a person. I can easy provide several listings for my time at NWAS however I’ll dedicate this one to the class of 2006. Thanks to Shobhit, Amy & Glynis. It was an honor & privilege to work/learn with you guys. We started with 11 & only 4 saw it through to the end!

3) Neale Donald Walsch: Although many may consider the “Conversations With God” book series controversial, it has personally inspired me & changed the way I view this world and our place in it.

– Tim Brandt

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