Gratitude Challenge: Day 7

The 7th & final day of my Gratitude Challenge!

1. Angles: In my experience I’ve come to understand angles in fact are everywhere, they exist in many forms & appear when least expected. It can be meeting a random stranger that leads to bigger & better opportunity, a song that comes across the radio at exactly the right moment or overhearing a casual inspirational conversation…. God is always talking to you… the question is “Are you listening?” These “angles” come to me when I need them most!

autumn leaves 2. Autumn: For as long as I can remember fall has been my favorite time of year. Maybe it’s the fact my birthday is in November, football season or the color of the changing leaves I observed as a boy growing up in Pennsylvania. It’s like fire coming down from the sky…. In other words imagine the most beautiful, colorful sunset words can describe… orange, yellow, red, purple & everything in between, and for 2 weeks straight it’s right outside your door… 24-7

More than anything else fall has come to signify the season of change. The only thing that’s constant is change! I’ve learned to embrace uncertainty not as a scary thing but a blessing. Change is how we learn, grow & become well rounded individuals.

3. Disappointment: My last grateful point of the 7 days ironically ties into #1 for today & was inspired by one of those random conversations I alluded to. At one time or another we’ve all faced challenging times or great disappointments. I can say without a doubt every personal disappointment I’ve faced weather a loss of a job, end of a relationship or not getting cast in a role I know I would be perfect for has (1) opened up other opportunities where none existed before and (2) made me a stronger & more open mined individual. There is no doubt in my mind the person I am today has been shaped largely by the great disappointments that occurred throughout my life.

– Tim Brandt

Creatively Witty & Artistically Sweet

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