House Concert

As many of you know, I don’t perform at a lot of “traditional” music venues (bars, clubs, etc…). Instead I put much of my energy & focus into playing house concerts.

What is a house concert?

The long boring answer…. A house concert is an invitation only private performance. These intimate events are generally held in an individual’s living room, back yard or deck. However alternative locations such as a park or recreation center can also be arranged.

The short, fun answer… I’ll come to your house & play music for YOU… your friends… your family… your neighbors… your pets… get the idea?!?!


Why house concerts instead of “traditional” venues?

Most “traditional” music venues aren’t set up to nurture a true 1-on-1 connection. Many times the artist simply provide background music while attendees drink, socialize & mingle.

House concerts are very different… music is performed in a “listening room” setting, where a true relationship between audience & performer is nourished. This allows me to make strong, deep connections with people in a very personal & intimate setting. Needless to say this is incredibly enriching for me as a performer as well as those in attendance.


What’s the cost for a house concert?

FREE! That’s right there is no charge. Instead I use a Pay What You Will (PWYW) model for every house concert. We simply ask for donations at the end of the event… that’s it!

I do this to make it affordable to everyone… no restrictions! For example, if you’re going through a rough patch… maybe you lost a job… it doesn’t matter. I still want to connect & share my stories/songs with you!


What if I live far away? Can I still host a house concert?

Yes!!!! Absolutely… YES!!! Just contact me … let’s talk.

I’m going to start a doing a house concert tour every summer… so I will be coming to a town near you! Don’t be shy wherever you live, we’ll work something out.

Interested? Just send me a message

Song samples

Below are a few song samples. Please note… I’ll be playing all solo acoustic versions of these songs.


Host a house concert

If you’d like to host a house concert or have questions please get in touch. I would love to come play a show at your house! You can contact with me by going to one of the following links:


Whatever works best for you.  I hope to be playing a show for you soon!