I Prevail’s Viral Video

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Now here’s soi-prevailmeone who completely “gets it”… Through 100% focus & determination, Brian Burkheiser’s hard work is finally paying off. His band, I Prevail, redid the Taylor Swift song “Blank Space” & it went viral:

The cover, released in December, reached No. 1 on the iTunes rock charts for a straight week followed by I Prevail’s whole album hitting No. 1 of the iTunes rock charts for five days.

Here’s how he did it:

Burkheiser said he worked 40 hours a week at a pizza shop in order to pay for the music gear and recording time.

“You have to go right home from work and just work on the music though; don’t (mess) around and play video games, just put everything into the music.”

That’s right “no messing” around! There’s no secret to success. All you need is laser focus, a plan & 100 commitment!!  Read more about it here

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