I’ve Got The Blues


Have you have ever had the “Next Day Blues”? That feeling you get after something you’ve REALLY been looking forward to has come & gone.

That’s exactly what happened to me Saturday morning, after my Level 2 Improv Show at Magnet Theatre in NYC.

What’s The “Next Day Blues”?

The day after something amazing!

Let me explain…

I grew up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania… as a child I NEVER dreamed of having an opportunity to perform in the city that’s arguably the most renowned playground for live performance in the country (and perhaps the world).

I’m always humbled when allowed perform on stage… it’s a world full of “gate keepers” after-all! However, my gratitude is always magnified when the stage happens to be set in NYC.

It’s not uncommon to find entertainers who come from all over the word for an opportunity to perform in NYC. My Level 2 Improv class was no exception.

This diverse array of enthusiasm, commitment & talent is one of my many driving forces that invigorate and inspire me.

What inspires you?

The show was awesome! Audience & performers together were lost in a world of pretend, play and enthusiastic bliss. Which really is the point of all of this…

Isn’t it?

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