John Loves Mary Photos

Below are a few pictures from The Town Players of New Canaan’s production on John Loves Mary.

The set design, props & costumes were all designed & property of The Town Players of New Canaan


Taken outside the theatre before a dress rehearsal.  The hat & glasses were costume pieces for 1 of the 2 roles I played.
Our set. It was just like walking into a plush 1947 hotel room!
Taken from the stage before our opening night performance. 
The prop shelf. Our stage manager kept us so organized!
The dressing room.
Publicity photo. I’m in the red, however we ended up going with a different costume for actual the performances.
My favorite set piece! Who remembers rotary phones?!?!

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  1. Hi Tim,

    I am so happy that you had a great experience, as always I am sure you were superb! I must see one of your shows soon:) I love the rotary phone it’s so nice! It gives me such joy to see your enthusiasm. Please, let me know when you’re next show starts.


    1. Thanks Cathi, The show was a lot of fun! The rotary phone was by far my favorite set piece!

      I’ll let you know for sure about upcoming performances. I’ll be sending out email notifications, posting here on the blog & via social media. The next play I’ll audition for probably won’t be until Christmas (cross your fingers). In the meantime I’ll be doing some music singer/songwriter stuff in & around NYC & CT.

      Along those lines… keep your eyes out for my next email… I’ll be making a big announcement! 🙂

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