My Philly Sports Journey: There And Back Again

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a diehard Philly sports fan. As a child my family used to go to The Vet to see the Phillies, during my collage year’s football gatherings were a Sunday ritual & to this day Ron Hextall is still my favorite Flyer. In 1997 when I moved to Seattle I understood firsthand the challenges of having a long distance relationship with my sports teams… remember at this point the internet was still in its infancy. Going online for news/scores wasn’t an option. While I loved my time in Seattle, I always remained true to my Pennsylvania roots. Fast forward 17 years…

When I made the decision to come back “home” to the east coast I wanted to write a song…. Not only as a declaration of my return but also one celebrating the Philly Faithful, the fans who remain loyal & passionate even through the lean years, a “call to arms” so to speak!

Below is a small sample of this writing effort, “Philadelphia”. The complete song can be downloaded for $0.99. Sorry I can’t give it away for free… but really it’s only a buck 🙂


– Tim Brandt

Creatively Witty & Artistically Sweet


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