I’m Going To Perform My One-Man-Show For You… For Next To Nothing!

Money Shouldn’t Get In The Way Of Experiencing, Connecting Or Loving… Ever!

That’s right… I’m going to put on a live performance for you & your friends/family (I’ll explain the details in a bit)… and it’s not going to cost you a cent!

Money will NEVER prevent you from experiencing the intimate connection a live theatre event has to offer because…

Every Performance Is 100% Pay What You Will (PWYW)

My philosophy is… performing is all about connecting with people…  fostering lifelong friendships… sharing an experience… laughing… crying… empathizing… loving.


What Makes Live Theatre So Special Anyways?

headshotThe answer’s simple… energy. Allow me to elaborate….

There’s a theory among live theatre goers that claims…. During a performance, if the actors are having fun, that positive energy will be transferred the audience… and vice versa.

Year: 2012
Place: Odd Duck Studio, Seattle WA

Odd Duck Studio is an intimate performance space located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle WA. In the summer of 2012 audiences filled this 45 seat theatre to watch Handwritten Productions rendition of “The Abdication”. I love performing in spaces this small, because the audience is so close to the action… essentially becoming part of the experience.

The show ran for 3 weekends, however there was one specific performance that stood out most….

After an hour & a half of backstory, discovery & flirtatious innuendo, the moment finally arrives when there’s a declaration of love between the 2 main characters. In the defining moments leading up to this revelation… I remember… silence.

Not a whisper… not a moan… not a shutter… not even that annoying sound of someone trying to unwrap a piece of hard candy… slowly!

Nothing… silence…

After a few seconds of uncomfortable…

Nervous… Deafening… Wonderful… Silence…

It happens…

The kiss…

Following by the collective relief of 45 witnesses exhaling in unison
A few aahs….
And even one “I knew it!” 🙂

As I looked into her eyes & whispered the truth of the depth of my love, it felt as if the audience was an active part of the play. They were no longer observers… but participants… adding their voice… viewing a private moment… peeking into our secret world… sharing our wonder…

Now… That’s not a bad way to spend an evening… is it? 🙂


The Abdication


What A “Private Show”?

Good question!

I combined my 2 great artistic loves…

Songwriting & Theatre

And molded them into a one-man-show called

Long Walk Home

It’s the story is about life changing choices…

The hard decision between following passion…

…or being a part of my daughter’s life…

Understanding what’s really important…

…And doing the right thing…


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The interesting thing about periods of growth & transformation is how the universe always provides the right information exactly when it’s most needed…. One simply needs to learn how to listen to his/her heart.

The Place: Seattle WA
The Situation: I was living “The Dream” so to speak.

By day…. I had a fabulous career working for the largest software company on the planet…  I was surrounded by brilliant, driven, workaholics… and loved every minute of it… plus the money was great 🙂

By night… I was doing a LOT of acting… mostly for local theatre companies. So many shows… so little time 🙂

Weekends… I spent time with my 9 year old daughter Abbi…

… and … my soon to be fiancée, Amy. A woman I personally believe to be the prettiest, funniest, smartest female on the planet… but… I might have been a little biased 🙂

Life was good… really good…. dream come true good…

Hard Decisions

While I was living the dream… my ex was experiencing a very different reality.  Both of us grew up on the East Coast, however distance away from extended family was beginning to take its toll.  The previous summer my ex father-in-law suffered a serious heart attack.  He did survive however it was a lesson in the fragile balance of life. The truth is no one knows how much time they have left.   In a few earth shattering moments my ex’s family understood this fact all too well.

Determined for Abbi to experience the security of extended family while there was still time…. she made the hard decision for her & our daughter to move back home.

This left me with a few of my own hard decisions to make…

Leave or stay?

Leave…. Follow my ex & remain an active part of Abbi’s life…

Stay… Keep the stability of my day job….

Stay… Keep in close proximity to all my Seattle acting contacts…

Stay… Continue to build a future with the women of my dreams….

In every man’s life there’s a handful of defining moments…. choices which will forever alter destiny… forge something new… re-create… define… This was such a moment.

After weeks of heart to heart conversations, sleepless nights & contemplation… a decision was finally made.

The 2 most important women in my life…

Amy… she was my dream.  The women I always fantasized about… the prettiest lady in the room… my lover… my friend…

Abbi… was my blood.  My daughter… my little angel … my world….

In the end it came down to the simple fact I only have 1 opportunity to be a good father.  My potential influence over this little person’s life is simply too great.  I wanted desperately to watch her grow up, evolve into womanhood, spread her wings… continue the circle.  This simply cannot happen effectively from 3,000 miles away. Even with modern technology & summer trips, the connection would never be the same.

The decision was obvious…

Leaving Seattle

At the age of 44 I sold everything that would not fit into my car.  I was destined to leave Seattle the same way in which I came… no job, few possessions & hope.  On a rare sunny day in May I said goodbye to the Emerald City, drove east to start over….

As I drove, understanding began to sink in… fate is NOT tied to past events… the future can be anything…. the only limitation is one’s imagination… and most importantly…


…it’s NEVER too late…

…it’s NEVER too late to start over again….


Life is a series of grand adventures. The trick is to be ready for your time when it arrives. Embrace the moment & cease the day.

If you knew beyond any reasonable doubt, there was only one opportunity to take a grand adventure

…Tell someone how much you love them…

…Hold your child in your arms….

….If you only had one more chance to do this…  What would you do?


Play it safe, or take that impossible chance?

Never Too Old

-By Tim Brandt


You forgotten how to fly
It’s a never ending dream
Winds are uncertain
Nothing’s ever what it seems


You look behind the mirror
Can you read between the lines?
The final solution is
Pointing towards the signs


You’re never too old to start over again
Together we’ll make those amends
The answers that you seek are lying somewhere deep inside
Together we’ll start over again


Change is unforgiving
It’s true love without a bride
You fight until you lose it
It’s the price behind the pride


You’re never too old to start over again
Together we’ll make those amends
The answers that you seek are lying somewhere deep inside
Together we’ll start over again


Fear is not the answer
Ask all those left behind
Reach until you get it
True love is never blind


You’re never too old to start over again
Together we’ll make those amends
The answers that you seek are lying somewhere deep inside
Together we’ll start over again



This combination of storytelling & music is what differentiates my one-man-show from a traditional house concert experience.

Just like the example above (from “The Abdication”) “Long Walk Home” will to transport you into a world where hard decisions are made… lives are changed… and… hope rings true.


What’s The Difference Between A “One-Man-Show” & “House Concert”?

Good question. Allow me to elaborate so you have a better idea of what you’re getting!

One-Man-Show: is a solo performance (also referred to as a one-person-show or one-women show). Over the years it’s become a catch all phrase to include standup comedy routines, performance monologues, stories or music. “Long Walk Home” is a collection of songs, strung together by short monologues telling the story of how I started completely over again… for the one person who matters most… my daughter.  

House Concert: is an invitation only private music performance. These intimate events are generally held in an individual’s living room, back yard or deck. However alternative locations such as a park or recreation center can also be arranged.

This is an opportunity to tell stories, sing songs & connect in a very personal, intimate manner…. Forging relationships that last a lifetime.


Fabulous Reason For Hosting The show

Let’s face it, these private shows are social gatherings, although they are not “house parties” per say they are a perfect way to reconnect with old friends as well as make new ones! Below are a few awesome reason to host a house concert.

  • Turn that a boring weekend alone into an event your friends will remember forever
  • Show off your new house
  • Impress your friends by hosting a one of a kind event
  • Are you new in town? Host a show, invite your neighbors & start making new friends
  • Do you have a crush on someone & don’t know how to make the first move? Make an impression by hosting a show… don’t forget to invite him/her of course LOL.  Having the first date be a social event will remove all the pressure…. Plus… I’ll put in a good word for you 🙂 Note to all guys… women LOVE sensitive men who are into theatre… trust me on this 🙂
  • Are you already a fan of my music? There’s NO better way to experience it then hearing it live!
  • Maybe we already connected online & you want to meet up in person? This is the perfect way to connect!
  • Do you have a son, daughter, niece, nephew, or friend who’s interested in pursuing the arts as either an actor or a songwriter?   This is the perfect opportunity to give them an up-close & personal performance.  Afterwards we’ll talk about anything you want related to the business… developing character, memorizing lines, script analysis, writing songs, etc… and of course making a living doing what you love! I’ll share my experiences & give real-world advice if needed.


What Did You Mean By Offering This At “Next To Nothing”?

Like all music on my site, live performances are 100% Pay What You Will (PWYW).

I firmly believe live performances are about making true connections & should be accessible to everyone. Suppose you have a friend who’s fallen on lean times (believe me, I’ve been there too), he/she should feel free to come & enjoy the experience… everyone is welcome!

No restrictions…
No limitations…

Money shouldn’t be the reason someone doesn’t enjoy the experience.

What does this mean for YOU? Well… this way your friends & family won’t be scared off by the “ticket price”. Maybe they’re broke…. between jobs… have huge medical bills…. saving up for a big trip to Europe… or… maybe they’re just plain cheap (we all have a cheap friend or 2… don’t we!)

Either way it doesn’t matter because there is no ticket price! You can feel comfortable inviting them no matter the situation.

I’ll come perform “Long Walk Home” for you & your friends… right in the comfort of your home!


Who Can I Invite?

Guests can be anyone… such as friends & their spouses, co-workers, family, people from your church or sports teams. Sometimes hosts will allow friends to invite their friends & so on. Your email address book, Facebook friends & Twitter followers are also great resources.

I Live In An Apartment… Is That Ok?

In a case where space is an issue finding an alternative location such as an apartment common room or a park is the perfect solution. It’s even possible to co-host the event with someone else who has a larger living situation.  Regardless of your living arrangement or budget we will find a way to make this work.  

How Will I Know If I Like Your Music?

Good question! Below is a link to several song samples… so you hear what I sound like!

Booking Information

To take into consideration time & travel expenses, I ask a few things from folks interested in hosting… depended on your location.

Less Than 3 Hours From New York City: If you live within a 3ish hour drive of the New York City/Tri State area, I ask you to have 20 + friends, co-workers family, ect. in attendance. That’s it! It’s that simple! 🙂

Note – the “3-hour drive” rule is NOT set in stone. Ideally I would drive to your location, perform & drive back the same day. If you live slightly further away, don’t let this stop you. I’m sure we can work something out! 🙂

For more information and/or to book a show house concert please contact via the form below! Book A Show

More Than 3 Hours From New York CitySuppose you live in another part of the country (or world for that matter) … don’t let this detour you. I would love to come perform “Long Walk Home” for you & your family. However due to expenses involved with travel, hotel, food etc…. In addition to the 20+ friends, family, ect (mentioned above) I also ask for travel expenses to be provided or reimbursed.

However, every situation is different… Depending on the circumstances it’s always possible to play multiple shows within the same geographic area & split the travel cost between each show… making each one much more cost effective.

For more information and/or to book a show house concert please contact via the form below! Book A Show

When Would You Like To Book Your Show?

This is 100% Pay What You Will (PWYW)… there’s no cost for crying out loud! 🙂

Remember… PWYW means you pay whatever you can afford… I will come perform for you & your friends/family no matter what.  Get a bunch of friends together & let’s do this! 🙂

Connect with friends… make new connections… let’s laugh together… cry together… share an experience of a lifetime…

Live performance is more than just entertainment… it’s an experience.

Turn that run of the mill, boring Saturday night into an event your friends will talk about for years to come.

Fill out the form below & I’ll get you set up ASAP!


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Remember… this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your very own private show.

Get a bunch of friends together & let’s do this!! There’s NOTHING to lose… And a lifeboat of memories to gain…


It’s 100% Pay What You Will (PWYW)

Let’s make this an experience to remember

Fill out the form NOW & let’s get started