Passing The Thespian Torch

Abbi “modeling” a hat from my last show “Take Me Out”

Last Monday was a big day for the Brandt Family… the day the thespian torch was officially passed from one generation to the next… the day my daughter, Abbi, attended her first acting class.

Since long before Abbi’s birth I’ve been an actor. Some of her earliest memories are of attending rehearsals, “modeling” various costume pieces & helping me run lines.

The Big Confession

As we drove to Monday’s class Abbi was unusually quit. Finally, she confessed “Daddy… I’m nervous!”

Immediately I pulled the car over and made a confession of my own. This is how it went…

[stextbox id=”info”]Daddy: Abbi, I’m nervous every single time I take the stage… But… only for the first minute. Then I start to have fun & the nervousness goes away!
Abbi: Really?
Daddy: True Story
Abbi: Really??
Daddy: Cross my heart
Abbi: Cool[/stextbox]


My Wait

2 hours later I waited outside the classroom. It was my turn to be nervous. I could hear the sounds of laughter coming from inside the room, but couldn’t identify Abbi’s voice.

Was she having fun?
Did she succumb to her nervousness & fear?
What the heck was going on behind that door?!?!

Eventually the door opened. Children I didn’t recognize came running out… Where was Abbi?

I wait…

Finally her blue eyes appeared as she skipped out of the room…. gave me a great big hug… and said…

Daddy, that was so much fun. I want to do it again!

That’s my girl!

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