Philadelphia Eagles – What Brotherly Love Truly Means

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Football season is finally almost here. After last year’s promising finish I’m looking forward to Sunday’s game. The Phillies were really hard to watch this year & the Flyers are still a few months away. For me the biggest concern is the defense, mostly their ability to rush the passer & constantly force turnovers. I know… they were better the second half of last year…. And I know it’s “sexy” to talk about gaudy offense stats (another reason why fantasy football is ruining the game)…. But defense is half the equation. I miss the days of the mid 2000’s & early 1990’s when the Eagles defense dictated play & changed the game on a weekly basis.

I came across this video & wanted to share. What does brotherly love mean to you? What’s it like being an Eagles fan… passion, heart break, cheers, jeers… the highs, the lows…. everything in between? Just like the first line in my song “Philadelphia”… “There’s passion on the streets tonight…”. You can check it out below:


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In the mean time enjoy the video below. Be sure to leave a comment & let me all know what brotherly love means to you!

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