Stamford to NYC Train Commute (Part 1)

Stamford Train Station

Since I post a lot of pictures from NYC, people often mistakenly think I live in New York City. Allow me to clarify.

I moved to Stamford Connecticut 5 years ago to live closer to my daughter. Stamford is in the south western tip of Connecticut & part of the greater New York City Metropolitan Area.

In fact, it only takes me 45 minutes by train to get to Grand Central Station in Midtown Manhattan… a short walk to notable NYC landmarks such as Times Square, Central Park, The Empire State Building, etc…

In fact, I have several friends who live in Brooklyn & Queens who have a longer subway commute to Manhattan, then I do from Stamford.

NYC Creative Vibe

I find myself going into NYC a lot these days, in part because…

The Creative Vibe: There is so much to see & do, both for live theatre as well as music (2 obvious passions of mine)

Survival Job: My current 9-5 day job is in Lower Manhattan. This provides a perfect opportunity to explore the city in the evenings after work.

That’s all for this post. Look for Part 2 tomorrow!

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