Who Wants to be a Famous Actor Anyway?

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It’s been a week since my Level 1 Magnet Theater Improv Show in NYC and I’ve been thinking… A common occurrence following performances that are challenging or out of my comfort zone (improv most definitely qualifies). Note: I address the following because: A friend brought this up after last Friday’s show It’s a reoccurring theme […]

Magnet Theater – Improv Class In New York City

NYC Improv

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I’m a huge believer in finding new & fun creative challenges. Monotony is one of my greatest enemies! Next Adventure Since my newest survival job doesn’t allow me to commit to the rehearsal schedule of a fully produced play, I decided to take this opportunity to explore another type of performing… one that has always […]

John Loves Mary Photos


Below are a few pictures from The Town Players of New Canaan’s production on John Loves Mary. The set design, props & costumes were all designed & property of The Town Players of New Canaan   Enter your info below, and you will immediately be sent Tim’s 3 latest singles from his album ‘Long Walk […]

A Week Of Magic

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After 5 weeks we are FINALLY there… the homestretch… In the words of the 1980s Swedish rock band Europe… It’s the final countdown The final week of John Loves Mary rehearsals have begun.  There’s only a few days left before we open this Friday 7/28! This week is better known as “Tech Week”… or “Hell […]

Today Is Like A Box Of Chocolates!

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How time flies when you’re having a blast!  I can’t believe there’s only 2 weeks left until opening night on July 28th! This means 1 major event is about to occur… a day during the rehearsal process actors simultaneously  love & dread… the infamous “Off-Book Day” (insert dramatic sound effect DUN DUN DUUUUN)!! Starting on […]

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