Abbi “modeling” a hat from my last show “Take Me Out”

Last Monday was a big day for the Brandt Family… the day the thespian torch was officially passed from one generation to the next… the day my daughter, Abbi, attended her first acting class.

Since long before Abbi’s birth I’ve been an actor. Some of her earliest memories are of attending rehearsals, “modeling” various costume pieces & helping me run lines.

The Big Confession

As we drove to Monday’s class Abbi was unusually quit. Finally, she confessed “Daddy… I’m nervous!”

Immediately I pulled the car over and made a confession of my own. This is how it went…

Daddy: Abbi, I’m nervous every single time I take the stage… But… only for the first minute. Then I start to have fun & the nervousness goes away!
Abbi: Really?
Daddy: True Story
Abbi: Really??
Daddy: Cross my heart
Abbi: Cool


My Wait

2 hours later I waited outside the classroom. It was my turn to be nervous. I could hear the sounds of laughter coming from inside the room, but couldn’t identify Abbi’s voice.

Was she having fun?
Did she succumb to her nervousness & fear?
What the heck was going on behind that door?!?!

Eventually the door opened. Children I didn’t recognize came running out… Where was Abbi?

I wait…

Finally her blue eyes appeared as she skipped out of the room…. gave me a great big hug… and said…

Daddy, that was so much fun. I want to do it again!

That’s my girl!

The last few weeks I’ve been posting a lot on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook about my newest live theatre project, “Take Me Out”. Most notable for winning the 2003 Tony Award for Best Play, the plot of the show can best be summarized as follows:

Much of the play is set in the locker room of a professional baseball team, and as such has an all-male cast that explores themes of homophobia, racism, class, and masculinity in sports.

The play’s main character, Darren Lemming, is a popular and successful mixed-race baseball player at the peak of his career when he decides to come out. Several of his teammates react strongly (some supportive and accepting, and some not), and the drama plays out over the course of a baseball season with tragic consequences.



You can read more about “Take Me Out” via the links below:

Take Me Out – Acting Edition

Take Me Out: A Play

Toddy Koovitz

I play the role of Toddy Koovitz. He’s one of Darrian’s teammates who is not supportive of the so called “coming out”. Toddy offers some levity & a little comic relief in a play with heavy themes & dialogue. Below is my description of Toddy I posted on Facebook last weekend:

Toddy Koovitz; Self-proclaimed ladies’ man, fair weather teammate & all around idiot.
His unconventional usage of the English language includes gems such as “rackled” and the timeless classic “Sancchewy”.

Sounds like someone only a mother can love… right?!?!

One of the things I absolutely love about acting, is totally “becoming” the character.  There are several techniques actors employ however sometimes something as simple as a different hair cut or a change in facial hair can do the trick….  Observe the following


Before                    After

Tim Brandt Headshot










In my own daughters words…

Daddy, you look freaky!!


I took that as a compliment!


Get Your Mustache

To pay homage to the new mustache I grew for this show… and mustache lovers everywhere….I’m offering the following mustache kit for FREE. Just pay a small shipping charge & I’ll send to you.
Be sure to post a selfie picture in the Facebook Group or Twitter after you get it. I would love to see if your mustache looks as cool as mine! Be proud of your stash


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They say laughter is the best medicine…. personally am not afraid to laugh at myself! It tends to make life interesting! I came across the following list of actor jokes the other day… many of which made me laugh out loud!!

How many actors does it take to change a lightbulb?
Funniest Memes want to be an actor1) One. They hate to share the spotlight.
2) One to change it, and 99 to stand there saying, ‘I could have done it better.’
3) Just one. He stands there, and the world revolves around him.
4) That depends on what the script says.
5) He just holds it, and the world revolves around him.
6) Doesn’t the stage manager do that?
7) Well, first I have to know the lightbulb’s motivation…
8) How many STRAIGHT actors does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Both of them.
A director and an agent are walking down the street and a beautiful woman crosses their path. The director says: ‘Boy, I’d like to screw her.’
The agent says: ‘Yeah? Out of what?’


Question: What’s the difference between an actor and a mutual fund?

Answer: Mutual funds eventually mature and make money.

Actor comes home one day to find his home ransacked… Just trashed…
As he stands in the rubble, stunned, he hears moaning from the upstairs bedroom. He races upstairs to find his wife, obviously beaten and taken advantage of. Through his tears he asks ‘Who did this?’ His wife whispers ‘Your agent.’
The man brightens… ‘My Agent? He came to the house? Wow!

– Tim Brandt

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