Gratitude Challenge: Day 7

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The 7th & final day of my Gratitude Challenge! 1. Angles: In my experience I’ve come to understand angles in fact are everywhere, they exist in many forms & appear when least expected. It can be meeting a random stranger that leads to bigger & better opportunity, a song that comes across the radio at […]

Gratitude Challenge: Day 6

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Day #6 of my Gratitude Challenge! 1) My best friend from Seattle Adam! You’ve been a constant supporter of my creative endeavors for well over 15 years. Positive reinforcement is perhaps the single biggest thing artists need. Thanks for the years of encouragement! 2) My Seattle dart clan; Paul, Bill, Jim, Steve, Eugene, Glen & […]

Gratitude Challenge: Day 5

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Day #5 of my Gratitude Challenge! 1) Coffee: I have never been a morning person. This is in part because I’ve suffered from mild forms of insomnia my entire life. A hot cup or 2 of black coffee has been a morning ritual for as long as I can remember. However it’s not all about […]

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