Who Wants to be a Famous Actor Anyway?

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It’s been a week since my Level 1 Magnet Theater Improv Show in NYC and I’ve been thinking… A common occurrence following performances that are challenging or out of my comfort zone (improv most definitely qualifies). Note: I address the following because: A friend brought this up after last Friday’s show It’s a reoccurring theme […]

Magnet Theater – Improv Class In New York City

NYC Improv

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I’m a huge believer in finding new & fun creative challenges. Monotony is one of my greatest enemies! Next Adventure Since my newest survival job doesn’t allow me to commit to the rehearsal schedule of a fully produced play, I decided to take this opportunity to explore another type of performing… one that has always […]

Stamford to NYC Train Commute (Part 2)

Blue Empire State Building at Night

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This is a continuation of yesterday’s blog post: Stamford to NYC Train Commute (Part 1) I’m often asked “Why don’t you move into NYC? Since you’re an actor it seems like a perfect fit for you!” The simple answer… it’s expensive… really expensive. To put it in perspective, I would easily pay twice as much […]

Stamford to NYC Train Commute (Part 1)

Stamford Train Station


Since I post a lot of pictures from NYC, people often mistakenly think I live in New York City. Allow me to clarify. I moved to Stamford Connecticut 5 years ago to live closer to my daughter. Stamford is in the south western tip of Connecticut & part of the greater New York City Metropolitan […]

Rexford: a planet of pop, moons of soul & indie

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Sometimes it takes just 1 line to capture interest in a new band. The other day one of my twitter followers, Samuel Patrick Fink suggested I check out New York City’s own Rexford. The ‘line’ in question actually came from an interview they did for riffyou.com who claimed they were… [stextbox id=”alert”]Like a planet of […]