Have you have ever had the “Next Day Blues”? That feeling you get after something you’ve REALLY been looking forward to has come & gone. That’s exactly what happened to me Saturday morning, after my Level 2 Improv Show at Magnet Theatre in NYC. What’s The “Next Day Blues”? The day after something amazing! Let […]

Have you ever done anything that’s WAY outside your comfort zone? Well… that’s exactly what I’m doing! For those following on social media, you might have noticed I’ve been taking improv classes at Magnet Theatre in NYC. While my time in acting conservatory did expose me to some improv years ago, this is the first […]

It’s been a week since my Level 1 Magnet Theater Improv Show in NYC and I’ve been thinking… A common occurrence following performances that are challenging or out of my comfort zone (improv most definitely qualifies). Note: I address the following because: A friend brought this up after last Friday’s show It’s a reoccurring theme […]

Blue Empire State Building at Night

This is a continuation of yesterday’s blog post: Stamford to NYC Train Commute (Part 1) I’m often asked “Why don’t you move into NYC? Since you’re an actor it seems like a perfect fit for you!” The simple answer… it’s expensive… really expensive. To put it in perspective, I would easily pay twice as much […]