Thanks for your interest in listening/watching some of my work

It means more to me then you know…

Before sending you to all the good stuff (music, movie, ect…) I wanted to share my philosophy/mission for digital music & my artistic journey…

You will NEVER see downloadable music on this site that’s “for sell”.   This entire site has been built around a “Pay What You Will” (PWYW) model.

I firmly believe access to art (theatre, music, movies, etc) should NEVER be restricted based on financial means.   EVERYONE should have access… EVERYONE should be able to share in the experience.

This is my goal… this is my mission…

Let’s be clear… this is a movement!!  It’s not one I started, but one I gladly join with a clear conscience & open heart.

Bottom line…

Artists produce experiences… If you enjoyed the experience… if it touched you… if it made you smile… if it brought up a feeling… if it moved you to think… and… you happen to be broke I’m extremely happy you enjoyed your experience… please, please, please, please… share my work!

However… If you’re rich… Well… just remember good old karma! Your contribution allows me to continue to write… perform… collaborate with & help other artists… maintain this website… and bring that same experience to other people around the world!

Either way (rich or poor) I’m deeply honored you stopped by & enjoyed your experience!

Please use the really cool (and fun) slider below to donate to this movement!


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