The Airborne Toxic Event: 1 Song That Changed Everything

The Airborne Toxic Event

Here’s a band one of my newest Twitter friends recommended… The Airborne Toxic Event. Thanks PartyBearLA for the awesome tip! 🙂

What I love most is what can be found on their Facebook page. Mikel Jollett (vocalist & guitar) say’s


[stextbox id=”alert”]I made a decision to change my whole approach to music. I just wanted to be joyful about it. I wasn’t going to worry anymore. For the first three records, I thought mostly like writer. My mindset changed. It was about inventing a musical logic that was unabashedly catchy and rhythmic, but way weirder than anything we’ve done in the past.[/stextbox]


Sometimes the lightbulb just comes on! Here’s a rally cry to every artists out there…. Stop worrying, have fun, follow your instincts & just do it!!!

More info on this inspiring band can be found below:

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