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Sunday afternoon my last theatre project, the 2003 Tony Award winning play “Take Me Out”, officially closed with our cast party celebration… Officially making me a “free agent” again!


Take Me Out

Closing are always a mixed blessing… On one hand after 8 weeks of exploring the same character… telling the same story… at the same theater… with the same group of people… it’s nice to work on a new project.

But on the other hand… for 8 weeks this play… this show… these people… this theatre… became a family. The next question of course is…

“What’s next”?

Feast or Famine

I’ve always found acting to be a rather “feast or famine” pursuit. I’ve gone through dry spells with only 1 or 2 opportunities a year. Live theatre is a competitive world. Sometimes stars do not align… lighting does not strike…

I may audition well… but at the end of the day the “gate keepers” … aka directors… feel I’m not “right” for the part.

But it’s ok… Actors have thick skins… We have to… It’s a defensive mechanism against the rejection we face every day. It’s how we survive in this competitive business… We simply move on to the next audition…

Lightning Strikes

But every now & then… lighting does strike… I’m in the right place at the right time… I am “right” for the part…

I am allowed to work.

I am permitted to participate in the art form I know & love so much. I am humbled with gratitude every moment I’m allowed to take the stage with a fellow actor.

This is what I do…

The last 7 months have been a blessing. Since November I’ve found constant acting work… (a total of 3 shows back, to back, to back). It’s been one of the most productive periods of my 17 year acting career.

Historically summers are a slow time for live theatre. There are a few things I’ll audition for in the coming months… We’ll see… maybe lighting will strike again soon!

Going Back

If not, I’ll direct my focus back towards my roots… where this all began so many years ago…

My music…

My songwriting…

I have more than enough good songs written for another full length album… maybe this is the direction I’ll find myself heading.

I’ve had many request from friends who want to see more of my work posted online. Unfortunately, due to copywriter laws most live theatre shows are not recorded… including my last few shows

That said… I am able to post more of my original songs online, since I own their rights I can post them wherever I want! 🙂

Over the summer, I’ll be doing regular shows on Concert Window, a website that allows independent musicians to do interactive live streaming shows. This will also give me an opportunity to play & hone some of my newish material… as well as connect to some of the awesome friends I’ve been blessed to have met, both online & off… you know who you are!! 🙂

The first Concert Window show will be this Saturday (6/4) at 2PM EST

Stay tuned to the Facebook Group or Twitter (links below):

Links to the show will be posted soon!

Thanks again for all the kind messages & words of support. It means more then you know!

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