Tim’s Indie Artist Alliance

Giving Mainstream Exposure To Creative Types Around The World


Our mission…

To help YOU build your online following!
To help YOU get your artistic message out into the world!
To help YOU build deeper connections with your fanbase!


Simply put… this is a cross promotion network.  Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising tactic in existence after all!

Here’s how it works:

  • Members promote your stuff to their fan bases
  • You return the favor
  • It’s a total win/win situation.
  • This allows you to reach new audiences with very little effort..
  • And…. It’s 100% FREE



FAQ… and other miscellaneous but relevant info

What’s an “Indie Artists” anyway?

It stands for “Independent Artists” and is a term used to describe a musician/band that is not signed to a major record label.  However, I’m using the term to refer to anyone with a creative passion or pursuit, such as:

  • Actors
  • Writers
  • Filmmakers
  • Visual artists
  • Etc….


Who is this group for?

Anyone who wants to grow their social media presence.   I use the term “artists” in the title because that’s who I tend to connect with online.  However, anyone is welcome to join.


I only ask that members keep their content is relatively clean & NOT related to things such as hate, violence, guns, pornography, etc.…  We want to make everything family friendly!


Is there any cost?

Nope… membership is 100% free!


Is there anything else include?

Yes… I’ll be posting regular trainings & tips on how you can grow your social media accounts faster.


How is the group managed?

Through a private members only Facebook group.  This allows you to chat, share information & find cross promotional partners quickly & easily.


What happens after I sign up?

You’ll be emailed a link to the private Facebook group & further instructions.


Why are you doing this?


The short answer

To help grow my own social media following (duh).  That’s my selfish but true answer 😊  However, it goes much deeper than that….

The long answer

Part  1

I want to forge deeper long-term connections with creative types around the world.  Ones that go beyond a one off cross promotional opportunity and/or a brief DM exchange.  I’m still brainstorming the specifics… but it gives interesting food for thought. There are so many possibilities for making this an amazing group for everyone.

Part 2

Anyone who follows me on social media will see that I perform a LOT in live theatre. It’s my passion… I truly love what I do & consider it a blessing that I’m able to perform as much as I do.  Side note – I may start ramping up the music performances soon, so stay tuned!


While I would love for someone to pay me to perform on Broadway, it’s simply not a focus at this point in my career.  I would much rather spend my time & energy preforming, then auditioning. Most professional actors spend WAY more time auditioning then actually acting.


However… I do desire having an audience.  Let’s face it, performing in front of 2-3 people is NOT a lot of fun. This group is a way to build that audience, not only for me… but for everyone in the group!

Part 3

I truly believe in the abundance mindset. There IS enough for everyone… we just need to learn to share with others.

As artists we should NOT be in competition… but helping each other.  Large record labels & production companies have millions of dollars to promote their agenda (don’t get me started on how much it cost to produce a Broadway show).  However… there is strength in numbers! Together we can do amazing things!

Sounds awesome!  How do I sign up?