Tims IAA

Tim’s Indie Artist Alliance

We’re Giving Mainstream Exposure To Indie Artists Around The World

Our mission…

To help YOU build your online following!
To help YOU get your artistic message out into the world!
To help YOU earn money doing what you love… making art!


Our Plan…

Keeping it short & simple… See below!

  • Training: All training materials is a result of over 20+ years of experience, education and observation.
    • These are NOT theories
    • They are strategies I personally use
    • I know from first-hand experience they work
  • Cross Promotion: Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising tactic in existence. Here’s how it works:
    • Members promote your stuff to their fan bases
    • You return the favor
    • It’s a total win/win situation.
    • This allows you to reach new audiences with very little effort..


Here’s what you’ll get…


Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching

I’ll work with you 1-on-1 until we reach your goals. This includes…

  • Action Plan: We’ll work together to create a long-term strategy that’s right for you. Including:
    • Identify your goals
    • Developing a step-by-step implementation strategy
    • Daily, weekly, monthly action items… Aka a “to do” lists
  • Unlimited Support: I’m always available to answer questions, concerns or offer additional guidance. The following are the types of support that will be offered:
    • Email
    • Group Q&A Sessions

Indie Artist Alliance

You’ll get 100% exclusive access to Tim’s Indie Artist AllianceWhere every member is dedicated to promoting your stuff!

What does this mean for you? In a nutshell… LOTS of social media love!

  • We’ll tweet about YOU
  • Post on Facebook about YOU
  • Promote YOU on Instagram

Get the idea?

One Last Thing

In full disclosure… there is a very reasonable $5 monthly fee for access to our group.

Why $5?

Simple… we only want dedicated artists… NO flakes allowed!!! We’re only interested in working with artists who…

  • Are in this for the long haul...
  • Want to build their online following…
  • Have dreams of working full time doing what they love… making art!

By charging a very reasonable fee we’re separating the wheat from the chaff… which means greater success for YOU

Every cent will be reinvested back into our group…Making it…

  • Bigger
  • Better
  • Helping YOU grow your following faster than ever!

Think about it… for mere pocket change (17 cents a day)… you can start building a new fan base TODAY

Just click on the link below to get start!

Yes, I Want Instant Access