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As many of you may know, I recently released a new album, Long Walk Home. The positive support so far has been overwhelming…to say the least!

As my way of saying THANK YOU, I wanted to give you an opportunity to join my “Fans Only” TRIBE Community.

This gives me an opportunity to maintain a sustainable ongoing relationship with YOU! You’ll get inside access to the creative process behind the making of Long Walk Home, including the story behind each song and exclusive interviews.

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In addition, I’ll even include some free music and exclusive interviews from some of my independent musician friends! If you’re like me and love discovering new music from unknown artists, this is for you!

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  • Long Walk Home: The Story Behind the Songs
    • Includes
      • Lyrics
      • Pictures
      • Music Videos
      • Interviews
  • Live online concerts… including a 2-way group chat/conversation
  • Unreleased songs/works in progress
  • Exclusive merchandise available for members only
  • 25% discount on all merchandise
  • Access to our members only Facebook group
  • Free music from my network of independent musician friends… including interviews, artwork and more!

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