Who Wants to be a Famous Actor Anyway?

It’s been a week since my Level 1 Magnet Theater Improv Show in NYC and I’ve been thinking… A common occurrence following performances that are challenging or out of my comfort zone (improv most definitely qualifies).

Note: I address the following because:

  1. A friend brought this up after last Friday’s show
  2. It’s a reoccurring theme that comes up in some of my non-theatre circles.

I Don’t Want Fame!

For some reason there seems to be this belief that because I’m an actor, I must have this ambition to become “famous”.

For the record.. I do NOT and have never had this desire.

The reason I pursue these activities are deeply personal to me. However, being “discovered” or becoming a “star” has NEVER been my motivation.

I love what I do… more then just about any other activity. My goal is simply to become a better actor… songwriter… storyteller.

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