Tim's Circle Of Friends (Play Video Below)

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Welcome!  I’m an optimistic dreamer & theatre nerd… who happens to also write songs that reach for the stars!   

My Goal

Create music that makes a difference in the world.

Circle Of Friends

I would like to invite you to join my Circle of Friends.  This is my inner circle where we walk down this road together…. So to speak.  I’ll share the ups & downs of my artistic journey… while getting to know YOU better.  

Everyone has a story to tell & I would love to hear your story!

This is more than just a community, we are family!

Let's Change The World

Access to our community is 100% Pay What You Will.  Which means… YOU get to choose what the experience is worth to you.  

Donations helps to sustain what I do and allows me to continue to write & record more music & create content for YOU.  

However… I don’t believe money should ever be an obstacle for anyone who wants to be a part of our Circle of Friends.  In short…. Everyone is welcome.

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • The first to hear new songs
  • The story behind each song
  • Private live stream concerts
  • Whatever else I choose to add! 

Join Our Circle

Just fill in the amount that works for you, then hit the “subscribe” button.

Thank you so much for believing in my music & what I’m putting out into the world.  I look forward to walking down this road with you.  

Welcome to the family!