Throwback Thursday – Baby Pictures!

Tim Brandt Baby Picture Turtle

Today I’m going to throw it way back… to when my story began. Who’s ready for a few baby pictures?

These were recently dug out of an old box & put on display as part of my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

(Remember a time before cell phones & digital cameras when pictures had to be developed?)

When It All Began

I was born in Lebanon Pennsylvania on November 10th 1970. Originally my dad wanted to name me Mathew but didn’t like the nickname Matt… so I became Timothy Paul Brandt (Paul is my dad’s name).

Baseball Anyone?

Tim Brandt Baby Picture Baseball Bat


The baseball hat & bat are a little ironic. Years later road trips to Philly to watch the Phillies would become an annual tradition of my father, brother & myself.

My First Headshot!

Tim Brandt Baby Picture Headshot

Stuffed Turtle

Tim Brandt Baby Picture Turtle








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